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    Advertising poker production process

    There are many factors that affect the card. The smoothness of Newly produced paper due to uneven internal stress, the central area is easy to form wrinkles, so the company will be inside the warehouse poker special paper for about 3 months of natural...
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    Checkout in board games

    Playing chess time is too long, is bound to reduce the amount of activity, so that the function of the motor system diminished. In the game opponents, intense competition, full of attention, head not strabismus, neck muscles and cervical spine fixed for a long...
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    What are the types of tarot cards in the card?

    The Marseille Tarot style is simple and plain, and its small Alkner numbers, like poker, do not have a pattern of stories, simply drawing the same number of cards as the number of cards, for example: Basically to draw four holy grails, coins four basically painted...
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    What are the games in the card game?

    Usually in accordance with the clockwise direction of each person made a card than the size of the rules can generally be determined according to a group of colors for the trump card, regardless of the number of points can win any non-ace, but in the score...
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    Bayaya game Co.Ltd. was founded in 1998 and has over 19 years of experience printing card games, board games, trading card, and educational games and table tops printing. 

    We have ISO1400 quality management system certification, We passed SGS, ISO, FSC,EN71 certificates and CE test ,ICTI , BSCI social audit.

    We offer "one-stop" service including product concept development, artwork design, sampling, certification, production, shipment and more. If you are looking for a reliable and reputable manufacturer, let us talk – request a quote or view our gallery.



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